Celebrating Women’s History Month: Pioneers of the Faith, Giuseppina Zollo, ca. 1865-1940

I am happy to share this brief bio written in honor of the legacy of Giuseppina Zollo, a revered Italian American church founder, evangelist, and missionary. Giuseppina was among the beloved founders of our family denomination, the Christian Church of North America. Today known as the International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, the denomination has moreContinue reading “Celebrating Women’s History Month: Pioneers of the Faith, Giuseppina Zollo, ca. 1865-1940”

“The Antioch Legacy,” by John P. Lathrop

I am happy to recommend this new book by a good friend of mine. John is an ordained minister of the International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (IFCA). The IFCA was founded in Niagara Falls, NY in 1927 as the first nationally organized body of Italian American Pentecostals. The inaugural convention was held at the churchContinue reading ““The Antioch Legacy,” by John P. Lathrop”

The Greatest Virtue, the Greatest Gift

My wife loves chocolate. My children love chocolate. My wife’s favorite chocolate is Kinder—a bar of rich hazelnut-crisp-based chocolate. “Kinder” is the German for “children.” So, the perfect chocolate gift for the whole family. What does that mean for Valentine’s Day 2021? Kinder chocolates through Amazon in bulk for everyone! My wife is happy. MyContinue reading “The Greatest Virtue, the Greatest Gift”

Jesus’ Unique Glory

One of our little girls continually impresses me with her insightful questions. These days of social distancing as a family have provided more opportunities to hear our children’s candid remarks. We have been enjoying our Sunday mornings together immensely. In terms of personal growth in God’s Word, as a family, these Sundays have been asContinue reading “Jesus’ Unique Glory”

The Awesome Power of Our Omnipotent God

It’s so important during these days of pandemic to remember that a source of power exists that is greater than disease and death. This piece was originally published on CBN.com. Thanks goes to the Senior Producer at CBN, Beth Patch, for permission to republish here for my beloved subscribers. “Truly I tell you, if anyoneContinue reading “The Awesome Power of Our Omnipotent God”

From Dusk to Dawn

As we stood there together at the water’s edge on a December night looking out over the horizon, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness. Although the sun had dipped below the skyline and darkness was settling in, we could glimpse the scattered orange rays of sunlight breaking in through the clouds. It was rare toContinue reading “From Dusk to Dawn”

Mary’s Song

Well, it wasn’t your typical Christmas Eve service. We set out not knowing what to expect. A “drive thru” morning Christmas Eve service—what does that even look like? We’re used to an hour service at night with cantata, communion, and candlelight. But these days of the pandemic are truly unprecedented. So, with masks in-hand, weContinue reading “Mary’s Song”

When Life Throws You a Curve

This piece was previously published on CBN.com. A shout out to Senior Editor of the site, Beth Patch, for permission to republish it here. Feel free to like, comment, share, and subscribe! The curveball is a type of pitch in baseball thrown with a characteristic grip and hand movement that lends forward spin to theContinue reading “When Life Throws You a Curve”

On C. S. Lewis’ Moral Argument for God’s Existence

For those needing a breather from ballot-counting and political pundits. . .   You are having a conversation with someone who asks—“how can you be sure God exists?” A simple reply might be, “I have yet to be convinced otherwise.” One might approach the topic another way, averring: “why should I not believe in God?”Continue reading “On C. S. Lewis’ Moral Argument for God’s Existence”

On Not Taking Others at Face Value

The typical profile of the Italian male is someone with dark skin, hair, and eyes and, according to one study, standing 174 cm (about five-foot-eight and one-half inch) tall. Such features resemble, in particular, the southern Italian, who comprised the decisive majority of Italians coming to America in the twentieth century. Southerners generally have darkerContinue reading “On Not Taking Others at Face Value”