Rediscovering the Value of Family

Amid this global pandemic, my wife, the kids, and I have found solace in our daily routine with reading time before bed. We used to announce when it was time to our kids. Now we gather in the living room on our own accord ready with books in hand. My wife leads off the time and our little twin girls join in, each night working through a new chapter in one of their favorite books. Our son, whose a few years older, usually sits on the other side of the room reading through a book suitable to his age yet joins in corporate reading from time to time.

What does Dad do? I’m usually sprawled out on the floor. Between reads, the girls use me as a sleeping bag for “be on Daddy’s back time.” At the end of a long day, the sound of their reading soothes me. I occassionally dose off, only to be awakened by one of the girls for a back ride to bed–when Daddy magically transforms into a human bus.

Reading time is almost sacred for us now. It’s a built-in regular time for us to enjoy one another’s company and unwind while taking part in an activity everyone enjoys. We are enriched by one another’s company and good reads.

In my new book, Embracing Our Roots: Rediscovering the Value of Faith, Family, and Tradition, I underscore the importance of having regular built in leisure time together with our family. The book pivots off of my faith in God (as value #1) which flows into and is inseparably tied to family (value #2). By tradition (value #3), I imply especially those ethnic and religious traditions that form the core of who we are.

I am happy to share with my readers and subscribers a limited-time only discount (40%) for the book, available through the publisher here [enter the code ROOTS at checkout].

Published by Paul J. Palma

Paul J. Palma is a professor of Christian history and theology at Regent University. He is the author of the books "Embracing Our Roots: Rediscovering the Value of Faith, Family, and Tradition," "Italian American Pentecostalism and the Struggle for Religious Identity" (Routledge Studies in Religion series), and "Grassroots Pentecostalism in Brazil and the United States: Migrations, Missions, and Mobility" (Palgrave Macmillan). He is also a contributing writer for Paul enjoys spending quality time with his family on walks together, going to the beach, fishing, and doing work around the yard.

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